Shawn Williamson

Shawn Williamson is an Associate at Waldron & Schneider.  Mr. Williamson devotes his time to Probate and Guardianship litigation, Commercial litigation, including Business and Construction disputes, Contract disputes, and represents students in Education issues.   Born in West Texas, Mr. Williamson developed his public speaking skills at a young age, earning a degree in Theatre from McMurry University.  Before law, Mr. Williamson was a public school teacher and a coach. 

Mr. Williamson was a Partner at Cook & Williamson Law, a Probate and Fiduciary litigation firm in Downtown Houston.  Mr. Williamson also spent time with Shepard, Smith, Edwards & Kantas, a Securities Litigation firm. 

Mr. Williamson is known for his thoughtful trial advocacy and negotiation throughout the state.  Not only does Mr. Williamson handle litigation in Harris, Galveston, and surrounding counties, but he represents clients around the state of Texas, including rural communities. 

“My focus is to be as cost effective and reach the best outcome for my client’s as possible.  That could mean going to trial.  It might mean working out a good business deal to avoid litigation.  We will look at every option and do our best to finish the job with strength and efficiency.”

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