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Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation

Waldron & Schneider’s Probate Litigation Section handles contested probate cases.  From fiduciary issues to will contest or guardianship contest, our firm practices in probate and county courts across Houston, Galveston, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and across the state.

Our experience in these sensitive and complex areas of law, combined with negotiation strategies that match the client’s needs, enable the attorneys at Waldron & Schneider to fight for your loved one’s wishes and possibly save the estate on expenses.  We have expert contacts for most needs, including accounting, forensic tracing, real estate, handwriting experts, medical experts, and others to suit your individual case.

Probate often includes multiple lawyers and tough, personal issues for families and businesses.  We strive to push an effective and personally tailored strategy to each case.  Everyone deserves a voice.  Your deceased loved one or family member being affected by dementia or any incapacity deserves to be heard, and our firm will step into your place to speak on their behalf.  The time and stress, mixed with the pain of losing a loved one can be overwhelming. 

Let us carry you through your toughest times. 

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