Personal Injury

Wrongful Injury & Car Accident, Product & Premises Liability

injuryPersonal injury is typically described and seen as an injury caused by the misuse or negligence of another which would include cases involving car or motorcycle accidents, accidents caused by drunk drivers, wrongful death, medical malpractice and even catastrophic injuries that may be derived from or by product or premises liabilities.

When you are injured, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights and recover all of your damages as authorized by the law such as time off from work, pain and suffering, medical bills and the like. Waldron & Schneider handles all of these personal injury cases and more.

Variety of Personal Injury Claims/Cases We’ve Handled

We have successfully represented clients who have suffered injuries ranging from whiplash to motorcycle accidents or injury from a drunk driver to product liabilities and medical malpractice that has lead to the passing of a loved one. Our commitment to open communications with our clients allows us to handle smaller cases with the same level of attention and expertise as utilized in our larger cases. Waldron & Schneider is here to help you find the resolution you are looking for and rightfully deserve.

Personal Injury Attorneys at WS-Law – Contact Us

Waldron & Schneider has several personal injury attorneys that are available to work with you on your personal injury case. Please feel free to complete our contact form so we can reach out to you, or call our office at (281) 488-4438 and we will be happy to further assist you with your personal injury concerns or questions.