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Civil, Commercial & Construction Litigation Arbitration

Civil, Commercial & Construction Litigation Arbitration

Waldron & Schneider’s litigators represent clients in state and federal courts throughout the greater Houston, Texas area (and surrounding counties), throughout Texas and the United States.  We represent clients ranging in size from individuals to large companies in many forms as we litigate  wide ranges of issues.

Our trial lawyers have earned an excellent reputation based on our results, which come from our tenacity, trial advocacy skills and creativity.  We recognize the importance of working closely with our individual and commercial clients during each phase of litigation. Our litigation attorneys help clients throughout the dispute and litigation process to help them resolve their disputes efficiently and effectively.

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Civil Litigation and Commercial Litigation

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Waldron & Schneider is located on Middlebrook Drive in Houston, Texas and is here to help you find the resolution you are looking for and rightfully deserve. Feel free to check out our FAQ’s section to gain further insight some various litigation concerns.