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Trademark Maintenance Part 2

trademark maintenance

TRADEMARK MAINTENANCE PART TWO You can prevent the unfortunate death of your hard-earned trademark registration by complying with the USPTO maintenance deadlines. Properly maintained registrations are labeled by the USPTO as “live.”  However, if maintance deadlines are missed, the trademark will be canceled and the status will be changed to “dead.”  Here is an overview […]

Trademark Maintenance

trademark maintenance

TRADEMARK MAINTENANCE Your company name can be essential to the success of your business.  Similarly, a unique logo or clever slogan can set you apart from your competition. Consider taking these steps to protect your brand: Brainstorm ideas for a unique company name, logo and/or slogan (collectively herein “mark”) to use in connection with the […]

Copyright Infringement Issues

Copyright Infringement Issues Have you ever copied and pasted a picture from Google images onto your website or blog thinking it was completely harmless? There may be a copyright infringement issue raised when using images and other works found on the internet for one’s own businesses and websites. The unauthorized or unlicensed use of another’s […]