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Essential Estate Planning Documents

estate planning documents

Essential Estate Planning Documents While an effective Will disposes of an individual’s property through directions and appointment of an executor of the eventual estate, a Will does not provide a mechanism for caring for the individual during their final illness. Because of this, Waldron & Schneider’s Will package includes a durable power of attorney (“POA”), […]

Important Documents to Have as a Young Adult

important documents for young adults

Advertisements for “Necessary” Posters After I Form My Company School is out for summer!  If you are 18 or older, make it a priority this summer to meet with one of the attorneys at Waldron & Schneider about getting a Medical Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney and HIPAA Authorization. Once you turn 18, […]

Who’s the beneficiary? Life Insurance Policy Beneficiaries after Divorce

Who’s the beneficiary? Life Insurance Policy Beneficiaries after Divorce You need to review your life insurance policy if you have been divorced, so you confirm who the beneficiaries are. If a decree of divorce or annulment is rendered after you have designated your spouse as a beneficiary under a life insurance policy, a provision in […]

“Inventory, Appraisement, and List of Claims”… What’s that?!

“Inventory, Appraisement, and List of Claims”… What’s that?! If your family member or friend has passed away and you are forced to probate their estate, the probate process can quickly become overwhelming and confusing. Once named as personal representative, there are many requirements that must be met in order to finalize and successfully probate an […]

Beneficiary Designations 2022

Beneficiary Designations 2022 The assets held in accounts with beneficiary designations (bank accounts, investment accounts, IRAs, etc.) should pass easily to the designated beneficiary upon the owner’s death. However, issues can arise when a beneficiary is not properly designated. The policies and procedures for designating beneficiaries may differ from company to company, especially when designating […]

Enhanced Life Estate Deeds

Enhanced Life Estate Deeds Transfer on Death v. Life Estate Deeds In making estate plans, real estate transfer questions often arise.  Most property owners have similar goals in dealing with real estate.  First, they want to retain as much control over the property as possible while they are live. Second, they want to transfer the […]