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Legal Updates

Legal Updates Click on any attorney’s name to view all legal updates. Madison Moody Madison Moody’s Updates 2023 Successfully argued client’s Motion to Compel the Texas Estates and Health & Safety Code in County Court of Law #3 Probate Court of Brazoria County, Texas 2022 Recovered tax sale proceeds from registry of court for International […]

Permitless Gun Carry

Permitless Gun Carry Beginning September 1, 2021, several new laws take effect in Texas.  One of these is House Bill 1927, known as the Permitless Carry.  With the passage of HB 1927, Texas joins approximately 20 other states allowing permitless carry.   Providing they pass a background check, the new law allows Texas over the […]

Stimulus Checks and Benefits

Stimulus Checks and Benefits Many U.S. citizens and residents qualify to receive a stimulus payment known as the Economic Impact Payment (“Payment”) this year as authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).  The amount of the Payment received depends upon several factors such as adjusted gross income, tax filing status, […]

Nonprofit Basics: A Different Side of Charitable Giving

Nonprofit Basics: A Different Side of Charitable Giving Starting a nonprofit can be a great and fulfilling way to give back your community. The key to a nonprofit is having a charitable purpose. This could be the advancement of education, relief efforts from poverty or natural disasters, or any other purpose beneficial to a community. […]