Waldron & Schneider

Janina Wojtkowski

Janina Wojtkowski’s Updates 2023 On January 9, 2023 Janina Wojtkowski obtained a judgment against a painting subcontractor after the  general contractor provided initial payment, but the subcontractor failed to properly complete the project. Defeated a municipality’s plea to jurisdiction, where the city sought to dismiss our client’s lawsuit seeking disclosure of a government funded report […]

Madison Moody

Madison Moody’s Updates 2023 Successfully argued client’s Motion to Compel the Texas Estates and Health & Safety Code in County Court of Law #3 Probate Court of Brazoria County, Texas 2022 Recovered tax sale proceeds from registry of court for International based client. To view Madison’s Attorney Profile: Visit Here

Waldron and Schneider

Waldron and Schneider Updates 2021 August: W&S Litigation Team successfully negotiated a resolution of a dispute for our client, a home builder, regarding payment for the client’s construction services resolving multiple lawsuit and lien issues.

Mark Rubal

Mark Rubal’s Updates 2023 Attorney Mark Rubal gets a not guilty verdict from a jury in Harris County on a Domestic Violence Assault case. 2022 Settled employment claim and recovered commissions owed to client by former employer. 2020 Settled personal injury suit in excess of 1 million on behalf of client. Successfully negotiated separation of […]

Marc H. Schneider

Marc H. Schneider’s Updates 2020 August 2020: Formed new Family Foundation. Formed two new FLPs for asset protection and estate planning for high net worth clients. Assisted in the sale of investment real estate involving a 1031 lease hold improvement exchange. 2019 November 2019: Revised amendment to commercial lease for client with numerous locations throughout […]

Randy B. Ashby

Randy B. Ashby’s Update 2020 August: Successfully established 10 Probates over the last 90 days. 2019 November: Preparation of codicils to wills for clients. Prepared seller finance document package for client for the sale of property.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons’ Updates 2023 Defeated a municipality’s plea to jurisdiction, where the city sought to dismiss our client’s lawsuit seeking disclosure of a government funded report on the city’s relationship with a general contractor. Obtained a judgement on a contract for deed allowing for damages and judicial foreclosure on the property. 2021 8/31/21: RAS negotiated […]

Kimberly A. Bartley

Kimberly A. Bartley’s Updates 2020 November: Successfully closed on short sale of large real estate tract in Ch. 11 Closed on acquisition of equity interest between business partners. September: Defended Motion to Impose Stay Pending Appeal facilitating client’s purchase of business out of Chapter 11. Negotiated  resolution of past due rent owed by commercial tenant […]

Vanessa J. Maduzia

Vanessa J. Maduzia’s Updates 2020 August: Resolved contested custody dispute. 2019 Successfully settled a divorce in Galveston County, Texas. Recently defeated a Notice of a Bill of Review in a family law case in Brazoria County on behalf of client. After two years of litigation, was able to successfully settle an heirship determination case that […]