Waldron & Schneider

Janina Wojtkowski

Janina Wojtkowski’s Updates 2023 On January 9, 2023 Janina Wojtkowski obtained a judgment against a painting subcontractor after the  general contractor provided initial payment, but the subcontractor failed to properly complete the project. Defeated a municipality’s plea to jurisdiction, where the city sought to dismiss our client’s lawsuit seeking disclosure of a government funded report […]

Madison Moody

Madison Moody’s Updates 2023 Successfully argued client’s Motion to Compel the Texas Estates and Health & Safety Code in County Court of Law #3 Probate Court of Brazoria County, Texas 2022 Recovered tax sale proceeds from registry of court for International based client. To view Madison’s Attorney Profile: Visit Here

Waldron and Schneider

Waldron and Schneider Updates 2021 August: W&S Litigation Team successfully negotiated a resolution of a dispute for our client, a home builder, regarding payment for the client’s construction services resolving multiple lawsuit and lien issues.

Mark Rubal

Mark Rubal’s Updates 2023 Attorney Mark Rubal gets a not guilty verdict from a jury in Harris County on a Domestic Violence Assault case. Partner Mark Rubal and Associate Attorney Janina Wojtkowski successfully negotiated an Agreed Temporary Injunction in a business dispute with a terminated employee. 2022 Settled employment claim and recovered commissions owed to […]

Marc H. Schneider

Marc H. Schneider’s Updates 2020 August 2020: Formed new Family Foundation. Formed two new FLPs for asset protection and estate planning for high net worth clients. Assisted in the sale of investment real estate involving a 1031 lease hold improvement exchange. 2019 November 2019: Revised amendment to commercial lease for client with numerous locations throughout […]

Randy B. Ashby

Randy B. Ashby’s Update 2020 August: Successfully established 10 Probates over the last 90 days. 2019 November: Preparation of codicils to wills for clients. Prepared seller finance document package for client for the sale of property.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons’ Updates 2023 Defeated a municipality’s plea to jurisdiction, where the city sought to dismiss our client’s lawsuit seeking disclosure of a government funded report on the city’s relationship with a general contractor. Obtained a judgement on a contract for deed allowing for damages and judicial foreclosure on the property. 2021 8/31/21: RAS negotiated […]

Kimberly A. Bartley

Kimberly A. Bartley’s Updates 2024 Successfully closed the sale of a large cardiology practice in Clear Lake, Texas area. Facilitated acquisition of new childcare facility in Katy, Texas area. Negotiated acquisition of new medical wellness facility in Clear Lake, Texas area. 2020 November: Successfully closed on short sale of large real estate tract in Ch. […]

Vanessa J. Maduzia

Vanessa J. Maduzia’s Updates 2023 Family Law Partner, Vanessa J. Maduzia, successfully terminated a biological father’s parental rights in favor of Maternal Grandparents allowing the Maternal Grandparents to complete the adoption of their grandchildren. Family Law Partner, Vanessa J. Maduzia, was successful in representing Petitioner mom in a highly contested custody modification case that was […]